Commercial Dance Syllabus

UDO Commercial Dance Syllabus

UDO Academy is proud to present the BRAND NEW Commercial Dance Syllabus!

UDO Academy is proud to present to you our brand new Commercial Dance Syllabus! We teamed up with Creative Directors Christabelle Huddleston and Christian Alozie to create an exciting new teaching tool for anyone thats interested in Commercial Dance. 

This Commercial Dance Syllabus is great for Teachers wanting to track students progress and development.  


A total of 10 Industry professionals have come together to bring a syllabus that will guide students through the different genres that influence Commercial Dance and help develop a comprehensive repertoire of movement.

With 11 Levels plus our UDO accredited teachers exam, this syllabus is perfect for all ages and abilities. Starting with our Intro Tots at ages 2.5 – 4, right through to our Gold medal examination aimed for Dancers age 14 – 21. 

Each level has 5 pass grades, helping the teacher see with more clarity the progression of their students and a clearer reflection on how they performed in the examination meanwhile rewarding the candidates with certificates and awards for each level.

Dance Syllabus


Interactive package delivering a comprehensive learning experience, blending various dance genres to cater to students of all ages and abilities.

A fully immersive syllabus with some levels containing choices from potentially 8 different genres! We take pride in  knowing we have catered to the full spectrum of Commercial Dance making this syllabus as accessible as possible by combining all genres and letting the candidates have a varied choice and pathway through the levels. Altogether this syllabus will bring you;

55+ set exercises / Combinations and Online mirror playback functionality making the learning experience for you and the teacher as easy as possible. This Syllabus will help bring structure into classes giving the candidates something different to work towards and aim for. 

So…What are you waiting for? Purchase now and be one of the pioneer Dance schools worldwide to become a part of our Commercial Dance Community.

UDO Commercial Syllabus


You will automatically get access to our digital platform when you create an account at checkout. Each time you login, you will arrive at our members area and you will be able to view your syllabus. To access the login page, you can either click the the members area link in the footer at the bottom of the website or you can click the link here.

Once purchased you will also receive email confirmation and a copy of our accompanying digital PDF booklet that has all the information you need about the syllabus, what each level contains and how to book an exam etc. You then have the option of either streaming or downloading all of the video content.

No, you can select genres and streamline your training to suit you as a dancer and become as well rounded as you would like to be. You can specialise in certain genres or learn them all. Each level has commercial choreography elements to showcase how you like to use the genre foundations and perform commercial dance.

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